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6:50 PM

11 mi


6:59 mi


165 bpm
191 bpm


68 F
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Not a full-on MLR but closer. Once again didn't want to pass up these cool temps so did an EZ mini workout on the fly. Decided on 6E - 4x(0.75 @ 6:00, 0.25 E... though I just did the full mile at 6:00 on the last one) - 1E, just something kind of similar to workouts I'll be starting again in the next couple weeks but easier as a "transition workout." Felt smooth and controlled as expected. Weather got worse as the run went on, heavier rain with more wind but plenty manageable still.

Shoutout to my watch that gave the dreaded "low battery" beep only about halfway into the run but made it all the way to the end with just 3% battery left.