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10:15 AM

5 mi


5:43 mi

Race Result

15 / 1914 (0.8%)


A semi last minute decision to do a father's day road race with Pat Cav. Fun time (even if it wasn't the smartest move training wise)! This is pretty much exactly what I expected to be able to do so I'm pretty much completely neutral on it haha. Obviously a far cry from my PR but it's June and I've had some shoddy weeks of training recently... so, neutral! Also paced it about how I expected as well, got a little carried away in the first mile and paid for it later (despite the plan being to cut down from 6 to 5:30). 5:33-5:44-5:53-5:38-5:40. First clock was wrong but I think mile markers were pretty accurate. Definitely biggest race I've run in to date, we'll see what the official count is when the full results come out.

After the first 1.5 miles there was very little movement in the placings around us. Pat pulled away from me around halfway, gap grew on the 3rd mile, and then I kept it pretty consistent (maybe gained a bit?) until near the end where he put a few more seconds on me duking it out with some Kenyan chick. He was 13th 15sec ahead of me, I was 15th. Hot day out there in the sun but the course was nice and had some good shade in places.

CRAZY fast race up front! 23:51 FTW, second place also under 24! 5th place runs 24:36 and goes home with NO money! Will Sanders almost shut out of age group prize (though that was admittedly a sub-par race for him). Almost wish I had just watched instead of run!

Fun fact, this would have been my second fastest 5M/8K ever if I hadn't run last season, haha.


Edward Martinez

ayyyyeeeeee. good ish doe

Paul Malek

Ha thanx doe, it's a place to start