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4:45 mi


I'd be lying if I said I was surprised by this. Past few weeks have been craptastic, and even if some workouts looked alright, I expected not to have a strong race tonight. But I still had fun. I know what I need to do, I just haven't been doing it. I'm still trying not to get into heavy training in Brookfield because I really need to get out of here... I know that's stupid, I can still run a lot while applying to jobs but I don't know, mentally if I try to get into a solid running routine here, I'll have officially resigned to the fact that I am a bum with no SC job yet, regardless of that NY GE offer.

Anyway, enough of that. Race wasn't good, heat of close to 20 made it very crowded. Had a bad start, UNintentionally (this time) got close to the back, had to work to get mid pack on lap 2. Jarrett started to move and I tried getting up to him, trying to make contact, but I was just flat. Came through in maybe 2:20 and felt like crap. Tried to keep engaged, closing gaps and making moves but I knew I was getting slower. With 400 left I thought "hey, I can still kick" and upped the pace, but it didn't last long. Finally mentally checked out on the last lap. Tactical errors didn't ruin this for me or anything, I'm just not fit now. I'm not kicking myself, what's done is done and I'm not shocked, just gotta get moving again.

But it was a fun trip!