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7:00 PM

1 mi


4:55 mi


I don't even know what happened here. Had been feeling really sore and heavy since the workout on Wednesday, but thought after two recovery days I'd be fine. But on the shake-out and warm-up, I started to get worried when I was still feeling off. Had my first race with a good start off the line, but that ended up causing me to lead for 4 laps which I didn't want to do. The pace was fine and if anything a little slow (2:19), but I felt really out of my element. Then at the start of 5, a pack blew past me and I had no response and hit a wall. The rest of the race was sloppy and unfocused. My legs just weren't moving during the race. No nausea afterwards, no wanting to pass out, just two lead legs I couldn't get going.