Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

3.43 km20:075:52Un Americana a Pescara 20158/3/2015View Race
3.91 km14:353:44Gara del Panettone (staffetta)12/1/2013View Race
5.77 km29:055:035 km di Villalago (Alessandro)8/19/2014View Race
7.51 km29:433:58Notturna di Crecchio 20138/23/2013View Race
7.88 km32:354:09Scarpinata Farese 20138/18/2013View Race
8.17 km34:194:133° Trofeo dell'Angelo8/12/2013View Race
8.29 km36:024:21Notturna di Vacri 20138/24/2013View Race
8.63 km33:153:52Notturna di Montesilvano 20138/9/2013View Race
8.70 km35:254:05Viticoltour 20117/24/2011View Race
8.83 km37:404:16Trofeo Città del Miele di Tornareccio8/25/2013View Race
9.00 km35:243:56Notturna di Scerne 20147/11/2014View Race
9.20 km38:224:11Notturna di Penne 20137/27/2013View Race
9.28 km39:214:15Squillamantis4/22/2018View Race
9.35 km37:14.984:00Notturna di Montesilvano 20098/4/2009View Race
9.40 km36:413:55Notturna Toccolana 20137/20/2013View Race
9.46 km37:193:57Trofeo Città del Vasto 201310/6/2013View Race
9.51 km36:093:49Maratonina Petruziana Teramo 20135/1/2013View Race
9.60 km37:253:54Notturna di Scerne 20137/13/2013View Race
9.76 km38:253:57Notturna di Roseto 20138/1/2013View Race
9.88 km41:15.464:11Maratonina dell'Alto Sangro8/14/2009View Race
9.90 km38:403:55Notturna di Rosdeto 20118/3/2011View Race
10.02 km40:064:01Notturna Toccolana 20147/19/2014View Race
10.18 km41:52.954:07Montepagano7/4/2009View Race
10.33 km43:46.994:15Notturna di Chieti 20096/6/2009View Race
10.55 km42:304:02Notturna di Chieti 20146/7/2014View Race
10.66 km1:50:3510:23Trail dei 100 pozzi7/19/2009View Race
10.80 km44:124:06Roseto Passeggiata di Primavera 20114/10/2011View Race
10.98 km45:584:12Notturna di Atri8/23/2014View Race
11.16 km45:294:05Santa Maria Imbaro 201111/27/2011View Race
11.64 km48:584:13Notturna di Chieti 20126/16/2012View Race
11.85 km47:304:01Notturna di Chieti 20116/11/2011View Race
11.93 km49:124:0812 km Gara di San Silvestro6/30/2013View Race
12.00 km48:264:03Vivicittà 20114/3/2011View Race
12.08 km50:034:09Vivicittà 20134/7/2013View Race
12.37 km59:584:51Scarpinata delle Abbazie 20164/24/2016View Race
12.99 km53:594:10Corsa di San Giuseppe Bugnara 20133/17/2013View Race
13.02 km59:194:34Tre Comuni 20158/1/2015View Race
13.49 km1:03:28.924:43Corsa dei 3 Comuni 20097/26/2009View Race
14.00 km1:02:004:2614° Scaripinata delle Abbazie5/1/2011View Race
14.85 km59:444:02La Corsa di San Martino 201111/13/2011View Race
14.90 km1:04:484:21Gara di San Martino 201511/8/2015View Race
15.00 km1:02:094:09La Corsa di San Martino11/14/2010View Race
15.12 km1:09:084:353 comuni da Rivisondoli 20148/2/2014View Race
15.37 km1:07:414:25Corsa di San Martino 201611/13/2016View Race
17.15 km1:15:334:25Miglianico Tour 20158/9/2015View Race
17.26 km1:12:544:14Miglianico Tour 20138/11/2013View Race
17.31 km1:17:474:30Miglianico Tour 20148/10/2014View Race
17.36 km1:14:014:16Miglianico Tour 20128/12/2012View Race
17.49 km1:18:264:30Miglianico Tour 2016 (Notturna)8/14/2016View Race
18.00 km1:16:464:16Miglianico Tour 20108/8/2010View Race
19.54 km1:28:314:32Mezza Maratona di Centobuchi 20182/18/2018View Race
20.52 km1:37:354:46Cariparma Running 20169/11/2016View Race
20.81 km1:56:495:3710 km di corsa lenta e Gara di Spoltore (10,8 km)4/21/2013View Race
20.87 km1:40:434:50Mezza Maratona di Pescara5/28/2017View Race
20.93 km1:31:254:23Mezza Maratona del Km Lanciato10/11/2015View Race
20.98 km1:32:224:25Mezza Maratona dei Tre Comuni9/20/2015View Race
Half Marathon1:24:484:02Mezza Maratona Roma Ostia 20112/27/2011View Race
21.15 km1:26:444:07Mezza Maratona Roma Ostia 20102/28/2010View Race
21.26 km1:24:203:59Mezza Maratona Invernalissima 201112/18/2011View Race
21.31 km1:27:104:06Mezza Maratona Invernalissima 201212/16/2012View Race
21.32 km1:25:594:02Mezza Maratona Strarimini 20135/19/2013View Race
21.46 km2:01:41.955:41Mezza Maratona Trail di Sante Marie6/28/2009View Race
21.93 km1:41:554:3921 km alla 6 ore di Montesilvano1/21/2017View Race
23.00 km1:34:104:06Mezza Maratona di Martinsicuro 20113/27/2011View Race
25.05 km2:05:445:0212 km Abbazie + 13 km di corsa lenta4/26/2015View Race
25.24 km2:04:544:57Giro del Lago di Campotosto 20176/24/2017View Race
25.58 km2:01:444:46Corsa della Memoria a Torre de Passeri + Lungo di 18 km6/2/2013View Race
26.33 km2:12:045:015 km di riscaldamento + gara Stralanciano10/13/2013View Race
28.83 km2:13:374:3930 km del Principe - Terre Verdiane2/25/2018View Race
30.00 km2:19:524:40Cortina - Dobbiaco 20116/5/2011View Race
30.35 km2:11:174:20Cariparma Running 20149/14/2014View Race
31.68 km2:18:574:24Cariparma Running 20139/8/2013View Race
33.25 km2:33:264:37Ascoli Piceno - San Benedetto del Tronto 20119/25/2011View Race
33.35 km2:22:334:17Ascoli Piceno - San Benedetto del Tronto 20139/29/2013View Race
33.44 km2:25:134:21Ascoli Piceno - San Benedetto del Tronto 20149/28/2014View Race
33.76 km2:37:204:40Giro del Lago di Bracciano 20122/10/2013View Race
34.34 km2:46:104:51Mezza Maratona Sannicandro Garganico +13.5 km di corsa lenta10/27/2013View Race
34.68 km2:53:375:01Ascoli Piceno - San Benedetto del Tronto 20169/25/2016View Race
41.85 km3:24:194:53Maratona di Pisa12/21/2014View Race
Marathon3:19:334:44Maratona di Roma 20113/20/2011View Race
42.32 km3:12:154:33Maratona di Terni 20142/16/2014View Race
42.39 km3:12:554:34Maratona di Torino 201411/16/2014View Race
42.49 km3:31:304:59Verona Marathon 201711/19/2017View Race
42.70 km3:22:264:45Maratona di Valencia 201211/18/2012View Race
42.82 km3:28:054:52Milano Marathon 20174/2/2017View Race
48.05 km4:01:325:02ULtramaratona sul Lamone + scarico1/11/2015View Race
49.92 km4:55:135:55Ultramaratona del Gran Sasso 20177/30/2017View Race
50.16 km4:41:465:3850 km Terre di Siena Ultramarathon3/1/2015View Race
50.35 km4:30:205:23Ultramaratona del Gargano 20136/15/2013View Race
50.50 km4:10:194:5850 km di Romagna4/25/2013View Race
50.63 km4:28:175:18Ultramaratona del Gran Sasso 20158/23/2015View Race
50.80 km4:52:345:4650 km del Gran Sasso7/31/2016View Race
56.83 km5:05:135:23Strasimeno 20143/9/2014View Race
62.29 km6:01:105:486 Ore di Carunchio5/2/2015View Race
66.13 km6:00:175:276 ore di San Giuseppe3/14/2015View Race
100.99 km10:41:156:21100 km del Passatore5/30/2015View Race