Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.10 km0:132:104º serie municipal6/16/2011View Race
1.50 km4:24.352:572ª jornada serie municipal5/10/2012View Race
1.61 km4:553:04milla porriño9/30/2011View Race
3.00 km9:463:161ª serie municipal5/3/2012View Race
3.60 km12:173:25carrera de santa barbara, minas , cuvi12/13/2010View Race
4.00 km14:153:34Cross corto (Orense)1/15/2012View Race
5.00 km17:323:31Campeonato Gallego Absoluto7/1/2012View Race
6.00 km20:003:20Carrera pedestre de Bueu11/13/2011View Race
6.20 km22:283:38Carrera del Grove9/25/2011View Race
8.00 km27:263:2629º Carreira nocturna de San Xoán6/23/2012View Race
8.20 km27:303:226/23/2011View Race
9.00 km32:203:36Cross Belarmino Alonso11/27/2011View Race
9.50 km35:583:48Cross Belarmino Alonso11/28/2010View Race
10.00 km35:083:31Carrera de San Martiño11/6/2011View Race
10.90 km43:354:00Vigo +1110/17/2010View Race
11.00 km39:473:37Vigo +1110/16/2011View Race
Half Marathon1:22:173:54media maratón Pontevedra10/23/2011View Race