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10:25 AM

26.2 mi


7:17 mi


43 F
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Goal was sub 3 and wanted to run this on feel and not try to freak out about pace. I ended up peaking at my watch during first half quite a bit. Everything felt easy like a jog, but had some right IT band creeping in around 10-12 miles or so. This changed my goal during race to not wreck myself today. I think last time I looked at time was halfway till about mile 21 when my brain was not functioning properly. Just went through the hills on easy pace feel and then thought could get maybe 3:05 after seeing time at 21 miles. I think I thought I was running a lot faster than I was. But looking back I was slowing a lot. XChristopher and Bucci pulled up around mile 2.5 I think. They looked very strong and fast. Chris put his hand on my back that pushed me forward and I came out of some somber and started sprinting away and then realized think we have 2 miles to go. Chris and Bucci came up again and they said run with us and I got on the Bus and road it all the way to finish. That was a lot of fun as we were flying through the tunnel cutting between around people. Think this was the first time I felt like a strong marathoner. As we got to the finish they went to right and I went far left looking for the family. Saw family at finish and smiled and waved. That was the best finish of all the marathons I have run.

Another note: never walked once - first as well



Like Chris said, when you go up to someone that late you don't expect them to come along. I'm freaking amazed you did. Nice work man!

We are breaking 3 next year!


Nice to see you guys at 25. Definitely sub 3 next year.