Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi6:406:40Independence Mile7/3/2015View Race
2.25 mi48:0021:20Helen Half 5k11/25/2016View Race
3.00 mi30:2710:09Heel and Crank4/8/2017View Race
3.10 mi23:047:27Rumpshaker 5K3/14/2015View Race
3.14 mi28:209:02Race For Hope10/3/2015View Race
4.35 mi38:108:47Pt Mallard 7K8/24/2013View Race
4.97 mi38:087:41SteepleChase 8k5/3/2014View Race
5.00 mi41:218:17Steeple Chase 8K5/5/2018View Race
6.20 mi51:348:20Priceville Book-n-It 10K11/1/2014View Race
6.55 mi1:01:009:19LA 1/4 Marathon1/14/2017View Race
6.75 mi1:42:0015:07Estes Trail Ascent9/23/2018View Race
9.30 mi1:18:218:26Monte Sano10/10/2015View Race
10.00 mi1:52:3011:15Rocket Run3/18/2017View Race
11.00 mi2:35:0014:06Helen Half11/26/2016View Race
12.75 mi2:35:2512:12Grand Viduta4/24/2015View Race
Half Marathon1:51:338:31Mercedes Half2/17/2013View Race
14.65 mi3:28:4414:15Grand Viduta4/26/2015View Race
15.25 mi3:06:3012:14Grand Viduta4/25/2015View Race
15.50 mi3:20:3012:57McKay Hollow (Monte Sano)3/28/2015View Race
15.61 mi3:05:2711:53Tick Ridge2/7/2015View Race
Marathon4:13:479:42Detroit10/18/2015View Race
31.00 mi7:01:5013:37Recover From the Holidays 50k12/31/2017View Race
31.20 mi7:44:4914:54Dizzy Fifties 50k11/18/2017View Race