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2 mi


5:06 mi


No name


3 mile warm up, 3000m steeple, 5 mile cool down

High 50s, little wind, sunny

First steeple in 7 years, and I figured I would run around 10:00. It was a last chance meet and it was a nice, low-key race. I could really use some work on the barriers, but overall I felt good about it. I kept gaining on people--didn't die. Next year, after I'm done training for the marathon and I can shift my workouts to 3k/5k, I don't think I'll have any problem running under 9:30. All in all, it was fun.

3000m @ 10:12 = 5:29 pace. I'm calling it two miles because that's the way I round--got to count the strides before the race.