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5:35 PM

6.4 mi


8:07 mi


175 lb


74 F


6 / 10
5 / 10


Tried to keep a fast pace; ran shirtless. two other runners shirtless on tow-path - one when I started and one when I finished. great run not too hot but somewhat humid.

Past three teenagers getting ready to fish on tow-path all wearing shirts. One kid swinging a net, thought at first he was going to swing it at me as I ran by him. Looked at me kind of strange, I guess because I was shirtless or he never saw a runner before. Anyway, on return route, noticed he had taken off his shirt and had towel on shoulders. When he saw me coming back, took towel off his shoulders. He then looked straight at me and squared his shoulders, sucked in his stomach, i.e., stood at attention - shirtless. Flashed him a thumbs up as I ran past.