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2:00 PM

2000 m


5:16 mi


160 lb


7 / 10
5 / 10


3 dudes took off right away and I just eased into it. Over 40 for the first lap but that ended up being my slowest lap (thumbs up). Proceeded to run within 1sec of that every lap, so I guess I was consistent. One Luther guy passed me in there as I maintained.

He got 3 seconds on me but I was feeling optimistic about a kick as my stomach wasn't feeling as bad as the start of the race. I picked it up with over a lap to go and gained on the freshmen easily enough that I didn't force it. But over the last hurdle, he either finally kicked or noticed me, and the last 50m were as hard as I kick. A good feeling, whether I got him or not, but I did get him by .04sec. 33sec for the last 200, faster than all the younguns.

Not a fast time, but pretty sure it wasn't my slowest. Unexpectedly, that would be a 6:35 from 2015. Not what I would have guessed, but that was a rough spring before I turned it around the next year. 6:29 last year so maybe not as far behind last year as I thought after last week. Could race again, but not angling for it.