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Long run Friday so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend. It was also ideal for dry trails as more rain is coming.

I started on the flat trails before I tackled the hills. Oddly, those first 4-5 miles were my slowest. Maybe it just took me a while to warm up, but I'm thinking it was more due to these trails being very twisted and slowed me down. Regardless of pace, I was feeling comfortable.

The hills added some variety and a random person or 2 making the last half of the run go by fast. I stopped at 10 and saw 1:36. After a minute I decided to add on the half-mile to get over 100min. Good trail day and glad to get back to doing long runs (first in a month).

Today's Fun Fact: I have "won" 29 races in my career. But if you take out the JV, the ties with Drew, the team events, and the races that I had 0 real competition (aka, I'd only lose if I dropped out), then I'd say that I have 8 legitimate wins.

-3 steeples on the track while in college (2 indoor)

-2 trail races: RCC Run the Woods and Pleasant Creek

-2 track races: 10k on Drake's track and 3k indoor at Luther

-1 8k road race

And of those, I'd say I was probably the favorite in all but at Pleasant Creek and 3k indoor (which was won in dubious fashion). Therefore, I declare Pleasant Creek 15k from 2018 my greatest race ever. I suppose it fits that it was my biggest payday ever as well.


Emma Spoon

Fun race reflections. That sounds like a good way to kill some time and get lost in nostalgia. I appreciate the reminiscing and all the variables you considered in what constitutes a "win." Can I count my 1.5 mile middle school cross country victories in my count? That would help a lot...

That 3k win was legit. You killed it!


You can count whatever you want.

I have enjoyed upgrading and revisiting my running log, though it seems like every task I complete I just find another one to do.