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8:00 AM

8 mi


7:12 mi


20 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Starting the year off with an interval workout, maybe that will signify fast things this year! Of course, this was a very gentle reintroduction to fast training as I just wanted 2miles worth of <=5:30 pace. I split it up into 4 half miles.

2mile warmup was very slow. Not sure how much was my legs vs the conditions. All 4 reps were under or at 5:30 despite going into the wind on every other rep. The road I used was not as nice as I'd hoped, but maneuvering around and keeping slippery steps to maybe under 20steps each rep isn't terrible. As for my legs, I didn't feel great and didn't feel bad, I'll call it a success.

2+ more simple miles for the cool-down.