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11:30 AM

15 mi


7:08 mi


35 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Monday Long Run, so I had to respect the heritage and go on gravel. Actually that's really my best option by far. The bike path isn't plowed so snowmobiles can cause a racket. My other options are highway or 3 loops of the town.

My hips were tight to start and remained that way, but didn't get worse. I went North into some new roads but they remained typical: straight and somewhat hillous (I decided hilly should sound more like mountainous).

My legs started to get an itch to go faster in the last half-hour. My last 4 miles consisted of 2miles of playing with some faster paces but just getting safely under 7, 1 hard-pressed 7:12 with only uphill, then cruised in a 6:16 on flat pavement.