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6:00 PM

5 mi


7:24 mi


153 lb


15 F


6 / 10
4 / 10
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*yesterday: it snowed a lot, but mostly I was deterred by the wind.

So it turns out there's going to be enough snow to practice snowshoeing, maybe too much... I put my snowshoes on, ran across a field, and 1min later I was dying. Holy crap it was hard: knee-deep, fluffy snow, so it didn't even feel like the snow shoes were helping, just making my feet heavier and picking up snow when I lifted my legs. I practically gave up on high-kneeing over the snow and just started pushing through it.

Then, what would have been a welcome sight on a normal run instead was super annoying: a plowed bike path. So instead of running on the path, I needed to "run" in the ditch. It probably took me 5min to get about a half mile to the trails; much longer and I probably would have ditched the snowshoes and just ran.

Thankfully the trails were much better, there was even some kind of tracks to pound down the snow (I wish I knew what the tracks were, it would have to be the fattest fat bike ever). Good running for several miles before heading back. Again the last 1/2 mile was rough as I walked/ran. Good workout, just not exactly sure how running-specific it was.