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4:30 PM

9 mi


7:34 mi


155 lb


20 F


4 / 10
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Another attempt to get to Denmans before the snow hits. But once again I had some detours that took longer and didn't make it.

***Season Review**

Probably about time I did this. In June I wrote down 3 goals.

First, improve for All-American. This I could not accomplish as it was cancelled.

Second, <1:14 half or < 55 10 miler. Nearly accomplished with a 55:11 (though accomplished using GPS data if I get choosy).

Third goal was a LHF goal, which I was not even close.

So on first glance I did not accomplish any of my goals. But let's focus on the positives. I started the season with a very enjoyable Headwater's Relay. I ran my fastest time ever at the Eager Beaver (a consolation success to All American, though I've done Eager Beaver only 3 times). My 10 milers were successful, and I think I was in 54min shape. Drew and I still won Governor's. I got to run a lot of trails with a lot of people (many old, some new). So I can confidently say I didn't take a step back this season.

As for my late season breakdown. I have a few thoughts in hindsight. First off, it's worth noting I went all-in for my Army 10miler in October. I tapered, I took time off from climbing, I took care of the little things, and I felt good. The rest of October wasn't great I remember. I wasn't sure how to train (just miles? keep doing workouts?). I also started thinking ahead to winter. Mostly, I was excited to climb again, but I had other goals in the weight room as well. So not only was I not physically 100% invested in running, but mentally I was not even close. And that led to me not doing the stretching and rolling every night that I'd been doing for months. I believe that's how my hip troubles began and made apparent at LHF. So my takeaways are to still be confident and make sure I take care of my aging body.

Like last year, I finished fall racing with a poor performance, after which, I did not make any goals for spring 2016. I'm not sure of making any goals now as I still am undecided on where my focus will be (more track, or maybe Grandma's Marathon, or maybe Superior 50k?). But regardless of track or road racing, I'll hope for a PR or 2. Actually, I will make 1 official goal, a re-attempt from this fall: <1:14 half.



Nice re-cap! Sounds like you had a solid fall through the Army 10 miler. Where are you thinking of running the half this spring?


I've done Dam to Dam the last 5 years, so that's the default option.

Emma Spoon

Rebel is seriously considering the Superior 50k (maybe you already know that). Lottery opens on January 1st for the spring 25k/50k, and the fall marathon on the trail, which Rebel and I are also thinking about. We'd love to host you for a running/climbing weekend anytime!


I hadn't heard that but we'll have to at least try the lottery.