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8:00 PM

8 mi


7:00 mi


153 lb


4 / 10
7 / 10
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Fox South


Ran at 8 because Drew got seduced into buying a new car (crossover?). But maybe the extra time after work helped because my legs felt great, hardly an effort to run a quick pace (running at night probably helped this feeling). We also got attacked by an owl, I just stopped as the owl was going to fly ahead of us, only to look up and see Drew running straight into tree branches. Maybe I should rename this route 'Owl South' since I've never actually seen that fox it is currently named after. Anyway, felt good and fast, maybe time to think about another track race or two.



I'm not so sure it was going to fly ahead of us. Since I ran ahead it went toward me, but I think it could have turned back at us if we had both stopped.