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7:00 AM

10 mi


6:42 mi


160 lb


40 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Thought I'd start looking forward instead of looking behind: maybe a race on Wednesday so a workout today seems alright. Too bad my legs were still looking behind and felt tired still.

Opted for a progression run. The first mile was 7:56, 2nd was 7:34, so I figured I'd try to drop 20sec a mile from here on out. A quick break before continuing with a 7:13 and 6:49. The next 2 miles remained less than stellar and started wondering about aborting the rest. 6:34 and 6:22. I guess this was more uphill and somewhat into the light wind, but that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to feel lousy.

Thankfully, the next mile started to turn things around. Not sure if it was getting flat or just changing my stride, but I started to relax and hit 5:59. I found my pace easily for the next mile and got back on track with a 5:35. I wasn't sure about another mile, but it was refreshing to realize I actually felt better than the last mile of my workout last Saturday. With that in mind, I dug deeper and found myself much closer to 5min pace. Ended up with a 5:12. Maybe not a terribly impressive workout overall, but mentally it was encouraging.