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7:30 AM

10 mi


8:00 mi


70 F


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I had miscalculated my weekly miles when planning, so when I ran further than planned on Wednesday, that allowed me to take yesterday off instead of the planned 6 miles. I was back at Sycamore today where apparently lots of trees were blown down on Tuesday. Gotta thank the trail stewards for getting it back into shape very quickly.

I did the normal 8 loop with a 1 mile out-and-back in the middle. The add-on was on the bike path but it still felt good. I felt good the whole run really. My right achilles was a bit more aggravated the past couple days yet never seems to hurt throughout the run.

Goal: 80 Miles, check. 10 Hours, check.

If it weren't for my big week in March, I'd be writing about how it was my biggest week in forever (1 fewer mile and 2 fewer minutes this week). I'm very happy with the past 2 months and also happy this phase of summer higher mileage is DONE. Taper and Marathon next week, recovery week(s), then August will be likely more focused on workouts than miles I think.