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7:30 AM

9 mi


6:34 mi


25 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Tempo Day! The goal was 5-6miles total, in my head I was thinking 2x3miles and that's what happened. Goal was simply <6 pace as I was more focused on getting the distance and easing into the pace later.

Related to this, I recently heard a quote that basically said that Americans focused on distance while Kenyan's focused on pace [in workouts]. This definitely struck a chord with me as I generally give myself a distance or rep goal and figure out the pace later based on feel. And while I am a strong proponent in running by feel, I think I would benefit from forcing a pace on myself in some workouts and be ok with however long I can make it.

So today, a little poor timing as kids were waiting for buses and lots of morning traffic. But for Huxley that basically amounted to veering into the snow during the warm-up and stopping for 2sec and making a detour during the 1st mile of the tempo. My first 2miles were 6:04 and 6:03, so already missing my lax goal. I forgave myself for the 1st mile (because of the previous sentence) but the 2nd mile was just laziness and assuming I'd be better after the 1st. The 3rd mile was 10sec better.

I took a hefty 5min break before the next 3miles. These were a more consistent and focused 5:51, 5:52, 5:58 (ok, maybe not that last one). Quite happy with this workout, I got 6 faster miles in and it always felt like an easier tempo should.