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6:00 PM

8 mi


7:15 mi


153 lb


65 F


4 / 10
4 / 10
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This may have been stupid of me, but it was fun. Coworker Bowser and I drove north, halfway to Waverly, for a run at the Boy Scouts Camp. Never been but I'd heard good things and it had hills. Bowser is the barefoot runner which gets me wanting to run barefoot, instead I went with my 4mm running sandals I bought a few years back but this is the first time I really ran in them. I thought the route looped back several time so I could reevaluate but that didn't really happen and I ran all 8 miles "barefoot". It took me about a mile to find a good rhythm but then felt good for a few miles. I wouldn't have minded shoes the last few miles as I could tell a few muscles/joins were starting to rebel.

Good solid fun run. I liked the trails too, though the hilly part was nothing to brag about. Only 1 part was flooded as well.