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11:00 AM

13 mi


7:14 mi


160 lb


25 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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No Norse Relays due to snow/cold, but it wasn't enough snow to avoid trails. Quite a solid group with Balto, Retro, Drew, Rebel, Pollux, Odin, and myself; with another women's alumni group behind us and another group of younger alumni around.

We went straight to Rivertrail, which was rather muddy, then a trip through Palisades (non-trail version). Next up was Van Peenen and Retro put his foot down and said he wasn't risking a fall or twisted ankle anymore. So Drew and I joined him up Quarry hill. We continued along to the back entrance of VP and Drew and I wanted to go in. Probably should have just let Retro go around and on his way, but we told him we'd cross straight over to the exit. It really wasn't bad footing until Rocky Road (which is obviously always rocky) and the bottom was slick.

Retro made it through slowly and intact and we left him on the roads. Drew and I split up to find the rest of the group, but found them quickly and reconvened. Now Balto wanted to be done as quickly as possible and that meant going up and over Dunning's. I don't think that was easier or faster, and maybe not even shorter, but I was fine with it.

Randy's was rough and Balto was pretty trashed after that. We came down Wold's Peak and cut down a steep slope to exit.

Down to just Drew, Rebel, myself, and Pollux, we looped up to Phelps for 1 more trail. It was a good time, but we were all ready to head home after that.



Sounds like quite the crew. I guess I should have come down...