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7:00 AM

17 mi


6:57 mi


160 lb


35 F


7 / 10
5 / 10
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A return to non-ice roads meant a return of a large long run group. Even if it was still just 30degrees. Today's long run pace was a bit more planned as Yelena wanted 10 miles @ marathon pace + 10sec or so, which mean 6:20's.

After 6 miles with a group of 10 or so, 5 of us broke away to start the workout. We started on a downhill so it was easy to get the legs moving, but after the 1st mile, it was basically pancake flat bike path (though an annoyingly twisted one). We were fairly consistent, though 2 guys were consistently 5-10m ahead of Sutton, Yelena and me. The pace felt alright, but my quads weren't very happy. Not sure if that's from double d's yesterday or from the ice long run last week.

Around 6 miles, we started to get back to some street crossings, and that led to us grouping back together. With 1 big crossing to go, I joined Martin (who was a few meters ahead), and we made a break for the crossing before the light turned red. It turned yellow right as we began crossing and no one else followed, so just Martin and I finished the last 2 miles. He headed for his house and I did the last 1.5miles alone, not really sure where the others went.

Another good long run, hamstring didn't bother me until after the long run.