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10:00 AM

7 mi


7:52 mi


75 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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Mid-morning run with a lot of sun. I mostly kept to the prairie (which is very much overgrown, at times only a semblance of a path through) and when I wasn't on grass I was likely on hills. Still surprised at how slow the run was though. I think I need to stop even remarking about pace though; with hot days and not always running on hard surfaces, 8min pace may be the fastest that I can go and not cook myself.

Today's Fun Fact: My senior year I had perhaps my best double ever. Apparently, I ran a mile (presumably for PE) during the day in 5:18 (<20sec off PR) and then ran a season-best XC 5k that evening. And I wrote that I was surprised to be tired for the 5k... Sometimes it's hard to fathom the mentality I had for running in high school.