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11:00 AM

12 mi


6:35 mi


160 lb


60 F


5 / 10
6 / 10
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Beautiful overcast day for a make-up run. I didn't want to commit to a long run or a tempo run again, so I figured a mix could work out. 12 seemed like a good number, and I thought my loop was about that but ended up being just 9 or 10 sadly.

With that in mind, it was probably good I had a few detours early on. 1 for a simple bathroom break. The 2nd was on a long gravel downhill after I passed a family gardening. A minute or so later I heard the faintest sound following me. I turned and found myself being chased by a tiny Shih Tzu. After he didn't turn back, I lead him back up the hill, and the little guy started running out of steam. Maybe I should have picked him up but we made it back to his family.

After 6 miles I forced the issue into a solid pace, maybe approaching tempo, and eased into a 6:18 on some hills. I was keeping track of my stomach and it was noticeable but held on fine. The next 2 miles were right around 6flat as I hit some hills harder and became winded. Then 2 miles around 5:50, the first was a cruise basically all downhill and the 2nd was just maintaining the pace.

I wouldn't say today made me feel fitter than I thought, but at least I felt good the whole time.