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11:00 AM

9 mi


6:54 mi


156 lb


45 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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I decided I wanted to know what sort of shape I'm in, especially if I'm racing next weekend. So I found a workout where I simply run a 5k continuously, alternating 1k's at 5k pace and Tempo. I figured the 5k pace would be about 3:10/k and the tempo would be about 3:30/k, so a 16:30 5k. Started with a race day workout then hopped on the local cement track.

Actually splits: 3:04, 3:30, 3:14, 3:31, 3:11 = ~ 16:30

Clearly went out too fast (or appropriately? if this is suppose to race simulation), and I felt it. Weird to finish a rep and go straight to tempo instead of a recovery shuffle, but the tempo felt comfortable and I could recover. 3rd 1k: trying to keep my cool, clearly slowed down but did alright. Then pretty happy my 4th 1k wasn't much slower than previous tempo. Final 1k was a solid push to finish and I can't complain much.

Wouldn't have minded feeling better on the 5k paces, but in a race and not bearing all the wind (on a better, more accurate track too), I should be fine.