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11:30 AM

9 mi


6:37 mi


40 F


6 / 10
7 / 10
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An unexpected warm day for my planned workout. "Forced" could have been used in place of "planned" as I've done 0 strides and just a couple faster miles this week, but it did turn out going very well.

2-mile warm-up, then 2mile tempo. Both of the tempo miles were at 6:03 feeling pretty meh. I switched to flats and that seemed to help a lot. Next, 4 x 45sec hills. Those felt great; maybe went too fast as I wasn't sure how to continue the workout (I wanted to do some flat stuff even faster). So I decided to copy part of last week's workout and finished with a few 90sec pieces at "race" pace. I did 3 around 5min pace.