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4:00 PM

6 mi


7:45 mi


85 F


3 / 10
3 / 10
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High Trestle


There did end up being a quick rain at 3:30, just enough for me to skip some thoughts of going to the trails. Instead, I rambled over to some gravel. That went well for 2 miles. Then I turned back as I thought there was a chance I would need a bathroom break (unfounded but still good to be careful).

Upon turning, the cool wind was gone and within a mile of that, the sun was back out. I couldn't outrun it so I went straight back into town and the comforts of a shaded bike path. I knew I had strides on today's agenda and I decided I'd try some barefoot ones to see if that would inspire me. Turns out that was a great idea. The grass was crap and I was exposed but I just accepted the sun and enjoyed some strides.

I actually felt good finishing but my mom thought I looked white after the run. I knew I was likely quite dehydrated and it became apparent when I had a hard time eating a lot of food at once (I still managed to eat enough in shifts). This was also another instance where I know I didn't eat enough last night.