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11:00 AM

5 mi


8:23 mi


198 lb
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Sun - 5k race, if still on the schdule. Be careful with this, I would not over-exert yourself, especially if the knee is bothering you. Go out easy and pick up the pace in the second and third mile to really get the knee warmed up. I would suggest a good warm up and a cool down (1-2 miles each) before and after. A thorough stretch as well.

174 Christopher Ryan 1126 38 31/58 M3039 Springfield MA 41:51 8:23

Fantastic race and a new PR!!! It's great to see that the training we started with is still around after a month off. A solid time and pace, you should be happy with it considering everything. Next one will be a lot faster, but for now, we focus on the ease back into the training.

We will stay with the day on day off for this week and then if you are feeling good and the progression is continuing. Keep an eye on that knee. If it continues to bother you and won't just go away, there may need to be some time off. So, do all you can to take care of the problem before you really start training. The exercises are crucial.

Mon - Take the day off and recovery, you will probably be very sore from the race. I know you are psyched, but keep control of yourself. People tend to get over-excited and go out and train hard after a good race.