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7:48 AM

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6:32 mi


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189 / 30000 (0.6%)
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Indy Mini. Well, not sure how to feel about this. I ran 1:26:04 which is 6 seconds slower than my PR. That's disappointing although it is a PR on this course. I do think the weather played a minor factor as it was about 60 degrees with full sun in the last few miles of the race. I did manage to finish 6th out of 557 in my AG and 189th out of roughly 30,000 overall. Both of those finishes are higher than would be normal with a 1:26:04 so my guess is that others were struggling a bit as well.

OTOH, I knew that I had good aerobic fitness going into this race but I hadn't done much race specific training and that's sort of how it felt throughout. Aerobically I felt fine but I simply couldn't get my legs to turnover any faster. I think I'm going to find an October half marathon and see what I can do with better training and, perhaps, slightly cooler weather.

And, I do have the perspective that it sort of surprises me that a guy who was an obese chain smoker less than a decade ago can, even at 50+ years old, finish in the top 1% of a race.