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7:32 AM

4.2 mi


7:24 mi


141 bpm
160 bpm
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4x1200 @ T, (60 sec R), 3x400 @ Vo2, (2 min rest)

Okay, for some reason I went into this thinkin' it was gonna be a doozy and it low-key felt like...hardzy. I had Natalie as my buddy and that is the only reason I got through this thing. The 1200's felt wayyyyyy faster than thresh (probably because they were, we were ahead of pace every time basically) (also forgot to start my watch on first one so I put that in manually). I legit felt like I was sprinting for my life in the 400's. Apparently, Vo2 is 3k pace, but if I run a 3k at the same pace those 400's were at, I'm not quite sure I'm making it through the race lol! Overall, much more difficult than I anticipated but workouts aren't always supposed to be easy and I feel like I got a lot out of it.

Talked to Spitz and Chapman about it later and they said that my 3k pace was set at 10:15. 10:15!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT?!?! No wonder why it felt so hard. I guess I gotta learn to run that pace though if I'm going to be 3king sometime soon. I thought I had been gaining more confidence but apparently I need more because 10:15 feels wayyy out of my league. After pondering it further, I think I COULD get there. One day. But I'm not a runner that just drops a shat ton of time all at once. Maybe like somewhere in the 10:40's or 10:30's first. THEN I can shoot for 10:20's or 10:15's. It's baby steps for baby Shae.


Andrew Poock

Sounds like a nice, tough workout Shae! You'll get there eventually, confidence is key! Shae is super fast!!