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4:35 PM

4.4 mi


7:04 mi


168 bpm
185 bpm
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Good workout with Riley, Natalie, and Anna. Felt like 60% like he told us, but still a good hard effort with Riley and Natalie leading it. Really nice to run with a big pack again. Legs felt a little tired, probably because I went a little ham on the bike this morning, but overall I felt much stronger than I did last Tuesday. Foot bothered me some but not as bad as I thought it would. A car came literally barreling down RR during our last 2 on, and that woman had absolutely, positively, NO MERCY. If I had been one more step out to the right, I'd be a goner and her car would've been totaled from hitting my yolked, swole, Greek God of a body. Great day and thankful to be working out with my chicks <3


Anna Hertz

I'm glad you didn't get hit