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9:01 AM

4.9 mi


9:28 mi


147.4 lb
157 bpm
169 bpm
54 bpm


47 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

48 / 67 (71.6%)
3 / 5 (60%)
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Las Cruces


Super 5. Had hoped to hit last year's goal (which I crushed then) of sub-46:30. Of course then I was living in Albuquerque and running there and in Santa Fe, so high altitude training definitely makes a difference. Look at this finishing kick on the pace graph though! My time is from the results and my watch was a little over because of when I pushed the button. My splits on Strava show my last mile was the fastest with sub-9 so I'm happy about that. And of course I like getting an award! My age grade rating was 56.6% (59.1 last year). As you might know, it's an interesting way to review race results over time. So my PR at this distance is 42:49, 11 years ago, with an age-grading of 55.7%. So although slower in absolute terms, my current times are relatively higher quality!