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7:04 AM

13.1 mi


10:30 mi


Brooks Ghost3


163 bpm
178 bpm


66 F


5 / 10
3 / 10

Race Result

5234 / 11219 (46.7%)
250 / 461 (54.2%)
2959 / 4834 (61.2%)
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Virginia Beach

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Frank Shorter said at the start, "it's warmer than you think it is, so it's okay to slow down." I took it to heart and speaking of heart, I'm amazed to see these HR numbers for the first time. I knew my pace was off but now I see that I crossed LT in mile 6, even at that slow pace, and that's why I started slowing even more. I was soaked in sweat and/or humidity by mile 1. My favorite things about the race were: 1) the Brooks VIP Porta-Potty; 2) watching Ryan Hall's hopeless attempt to catch the African runners and cheering him on, during the out-and-back section near the State Military Reservation; 3) the reggae band; 4) the high-fives from little kids; 5) the beach finish and getting in the ocean. The sun was coming out of the clouds and I know now it was in the 70's by then, and that the dew point started at 64 and went up to 68.

I often felt light-headed with blurry vision, something which has been a problem at previous destination races. I didn't take a gel until about mile 7 and maybe I should have sooner if I was having a sugar bonk. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and a yogurt about 5:40 a.m. With the poor sleep, it's hard to race well and I didn't know anyone there, so I'm unsure now why I even went. I met lots of people and we chatted plenty, so I did have fun, but I sure wish my wife would have gone so at least we could enjoy a vacation there.

Training note: I questioned the wisdom of that tempo run Thursday at the time and I'm pretty sure now it wasn't a good idea. I need to be more rested. Maybe just do one Tuesday the week before a half?

Garmin said 13.23 of course so I corrected the distance.

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13.1 mi

RnR Virginia Beach-tuneup