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7:16 AM

6.2 mi


8:54 mi


154 lb
162 bpm
175 bpm


62 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

19 / 43 (44.2%)
4 / 6 (66.7%)
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Las Cruces

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Made a last minute decision when I got a free entry for a new 5 & 10k from George Vescovo. Local timing guy kept changing results so it's been confusing.

Fueled by a HS Gingersnap Organic Waffle. Mixed up Skratch the night before, drank some driving across town and then the rest during the WU & race. Paula races at similar speed so we ran most of this one together, but she's like a metronome and I started to fall back. It was fun to finish on a high school track and I could see her around the curve! She got an award and I told her afterwards, "You just don't know how good you are!" Like a lot of good runners, she downplays her ability and kept saying before the race how she would struggle to stay with me, but as usual, the opposite was true. Feels so good to support another runner like Des & Shalane at Boston.