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9:00 AM

3.1 mi


8:36 mi


152.8 lb
175 bpm
187 bpm


37 F


10 / 10
5 / 10

Race Result

99 / 309 (32%)
10 / 24 (41.7%)
63 / 131 (48.1%)
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Lake Hefner

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My mileage is down, my right IT band is jacked up and I didn’t train up for the race, so what did I expect?

To give it everything I had, which I most certainly did. I hit a max HR of 187 this time, compared to a 184 at my last 5k, which came at the most unfortunate place, mile 3 instead of 3.11. Without knowing that, just knowing I had slowed, the dry heaves came on as they often do to me in a short race, and I lost valuable time. I recovered slowly and somehow finished strong. Ate some black eyed peas and checked my dismal results. There was quite a turnout so quite a variation in my AG, from 20:34 to 42:04. I enjoyed chatting with a couple of people I knew, before and after the race, and I’ll get several points in the race series.

I’m a little scared about my half coming up in exactly a month.