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9:01 AM

5.6 mi


16:03 mi


145.8 lb
128 bpm
147 bpm
55 bpm



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6 / 10
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Time on the feet as planned. Felt pretty good for a while, then the piriformis started acting up again. I tried a mental trick I'd read about in some newsletters from ultra queen Courtney Dewalter. When she hits a hard spot, she "puts it in her filing cabinet." So my self-talk was, "When your piriformis starts hurting, put this in your filing cabinet: just pretend it's a cute runner chick pinching your ass." Cracked myself up for a while, anyway! Eventually I had to hike more and more. Took 600mg of ibu afterwards with lunch and will do it again this evening. Thinking I may need to switch to the 10k and I feel foolish for being overconfident and signing up for the half. It would have been $35 instead of $55 for the 10k!