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7:47 PM

3 km


5:23 mi


167 lb
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Decided to run the 3k to get some miles and a workout, figured I could run ~10, expected Scott Leslie to stick around, but I guess he left after the 8. I ended up leading from the gun, 39.x the first lap, came through 1k at 3:17, slacked a bit the second k, and at 800 to go, two of the other guys were closing in, (I was about 7:23 so I had slown down a touch). 600m to go, one of the guys passed me, and Greg yelled at me to not let him get a gap, I went right with him, then coming down the home stretch into 400 to go, I passed him back and started putting the hammer down. I think I ran the last 200 in ~36 which was solid, dunno if I could have kicked harder if there was more competition, or if I wasn't 75% in a workout mindset.

Good workout, and I got to practice physically latching on to someone and not giving in late in a race.