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5:00 PM

13.2 mi


7:05 mi


156 lb


60 F


7 / 10
7 / 10
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Elm Park


so, the workout was 2k, 1k (@5k), 800 (@3k), then 6x Library Hill. It also rained a lot today so in short, it was a bad ass awesome workout.

There was a solid 3 inch deep puddle for about 10 strides in the middle of the Elm Park loop, along with other smaller puddles with varying degrees of severity spread around, so Savvy said to ignore the watch. The 2k and 1k weren't much slower than I probably would have gone for at "5k pace" in good weather. Then the 800 hit my 3k pr pace (but right now, all my track pr's are very weak relative to my current fitness). Then I ran the hills, got faster on each one except for the 3rd, and decided to throw in a 7th with Keegan, which felt pretty relaxed. Longest workout day I've ever done, and right now, I feel good.