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6:30 PM


167 lb
  • Exercises


First day of 17 weeks of lifting.

I wanted a good way to record my workout as it is happening, it's not like I can use a watch and take splits while lifting, so I found a small composition book to write down a planned workout and record the sets. It's 50 pages long, so if I'm working out 3x a week, that's 17 weeks right there, and it will be cool to see the progression when everything is all done. I want this notebook to keep me honest and on top of my lifting just like the running log. After 17 weeks, I'm sure I'll see fantastic improvement and it will be ingrained in my routine. I want to get lifting in 3x a week, no matter what, regardless of what races I'm running.

I planned 6 lifts, but skipped the pull ups and crazy 8's since I was already struggling with the chin ups. This was a good first stimulus. Monday will be chest and tri's, Thursday legs, and next Saturday back to bi's and back.