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6:27 PM

13.2 mi


6:43 mi


167 lb


71 F
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Beautiful day out after work, GBTC was trying to get everyone to run at Newburyport, so no practice in Boston. I knew I wanted to get ~12 miles in, and was pretty sure I didn't want to get that in on the track, so I ran firehouses with the intention of doing some fartlek or progression run, I consciously kept the first 2 miles relaxed, and mile 2 was a 7:22 already, so I went for the progression run. I knew mile 6 (uphill through Holden) and mile 8 (uphill past Putnam Rd) were going to be hard miles so I was glad I was able to slice the baloney on those. I'm happy with the last 4 miles from marathon pace down to 10 mile ish pace. Then when I got to funny, I relaxed and let my body coast in for the last 3 miles.

Today was a good day!