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10:00 AM

5 km


5:34 mi


129 bpm
144 bpm


36 F
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OFTM 5k, feel pretty good about this one as a starting point. Ran pretty close to what I thought I could run.

Woke up before my alarm, took my time getting ready, feeling some race day excitement.

I ran the first 2 miles really well, should have focused on myself more late in the 3rd mile when some guy passed me.

First person I've noticed who beat me because they were wearing vaporflys (shrug)



Vaporflys don't pass people... people pass people.


go to sleep,

yeah I was a little soft my first race back, that's why it's a rust buster


Two things: 1) I never sleep and 2) something must be wrong with my time settings, I commented closer to 9:34 pm. That said, I think it is funny you noticed the vaporflys in your race. I have only seen them once in a race and I made sure to get in front (and stay in front) of the person wearing them. It didn't hurt that it was an XC 8K. Funny how wearing the controversial shoes paints a target on your back!


Okay so my time settings are wrong, I commented the above at 9:57. Also, I am running a 3K next week so no pressure but if I beat you, you are slow.


heh, I'm dodging that 3k on my schedule, that was a maybe race :) good luck on the track!


I notice the vaporflys because I've been really plugged in to the issue trying to figure out how I feel about them. From a lifetime goal perspective (sub 16 5k, <2:35 marathon, etc) it certainly feels like I'd be lying to myself, but from a technology/competition perspective, they represent some very cool progress

Being active in GBTC and socially with NE road racing also brings the shoes into more focus.