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10:00 AM

5 km


5:48 mi


165.8 lb
136 bpm
145 bpm


50 F
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Autism 5k


GBTC marathon bar crawl was last night, I took decent care of myself and by 8:30 I was feeling alright to get going so I started out to Worcester.

Start of the race was a kluge, no one heard the countdown, a random airhorn by the start went off, and there was a wheelchair guy right in front of me. Took a bit to get going, not that I really wanted to rip it from the start.

Settled into 5th at the start, Josh took the lead, then there were two guys, and then another solo. I moved into 4th within half a mile, and then just ran pretty evenly trying to reel in 2 and 3. Around 1.5, we turned back towards Assumption, and the kid in 3 was looking over his shoulder. At 2, I passed them with authority and broke them, and just ran hard to the finish.

This race felt very clinical. Someone asked before the start what I thought I'd run, I said 18 minutes, and hit that on the head. I ran even mile splits, even without the watch telling me pace from the start, and I just knew when I could/needed to make moves.