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11:35 AM

6 km


5:20 mi


167 lb


80 F
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Very warm and sunny out, but I felt good to go race this today, I warmed up well, and had good snap in my legs. From the gun, I got off the line hard and lead the first 50-75m, then backed off into pace. Two guys went way off the front, and then there was a group of about 8 who passed me including Kyle. That group went through the mile in ~5:10, I came through in 5:20, then the first half of the 2nd mile, I blew past that group as I picked up the pace a bit (I slowed a bit after 1.5 miles) and they all fell off the pace except for a guy in 3rd (met him after the race), who held on well. At two miles, I was alone in 4th, and I should have worked harder to catch Russell in 3rd, we both died and ran about the same time for the 3rd mile. The last .6 up the hills out of the underpass and to the top of the hill I rallied a bit, but didn't have enough room to catch him.

Then at the awards, I got a gift certificate for 1st in age group, but he got a medal for 3rd overall, I wish race directors thought about those details a little more.

course is ~30-40s short