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10:34 AM

5 km


5:36 mi


165.8 lb


66 F
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Got out well, and I'm pretty happy with the first two miles. I was working, but in control, and was moving pretty well. Early one HFC guy I was going back and forth with was annoyed that I "kept cutting him off" when I passed him. Then he almost tried to run me off the trail till I passed him again and got a few bodies in the way. That's XC on double track for you, my own teammates cut me off every so often. Ended up passing Kyle Gerlach, he's running for Gale City now.

The last mile of this course has a ton of roots, and Dan Lewis warned me about them at the start, and I tripped on one hard, on impact my right toe got the worst of it, and my right knee got a little scrapped up, most everything else was just dirt. Got up real quick running hard because I wanted to make sure I beat the HFC guy from earlier, then when I got to the turn to start heading out of the trails, I started picking it up, once I got to the grass it was full speed, which was allegedly pretty quick according to my GPS.

After the race, I found the med kit and cleaned up my knee. Tried to start jogging a CD, but I can't push off my right toe at all so I canned it... I hope I'm ok for RTB next weekend, I'll give it till Monday before I start worrying.