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11:40 AM

1 mi


4:47 mi


2nd in the heat, I went straight for the lead from the gun, and came through the 400 in 70 which felt good but I kind of knew was too fast. Dialed it back a little too much, and I came through halfway in 2:25, Aly and Jess came up and passed me after 1k, which woke me up. The HFC guy also came and passed, and when he moved to the front I went to cover the move and took the lead again. I should have trusted my strength and kept the hammer down over the entire last 400m, but I slacked a bit and HFC took the lead back and we finished 1-2, he had some daylight. Rob came by the whole field to finish 4th for a marathoner, Jess Teal ran a women's club record for 6th, Aly ran 4:50.01 (I thought she had 4:49... there's always next time) and Victoria ran a nice PR.

4s better than last week, I may not get 4:2X this cycle, but I definitely think I can get <4:35 by Valentine. This week was a good week of training, and there's 3 weeks till Terrier. 5 till Valentine and 6 till NE's. I don't want to increase volume from this week, just continue to run good workouts.


Ntown Kevin

Nice race. I liked watching the video and seeing the "wake up" moments.


Yeah, having the race video is really nice for a mile, shows I made a few too many moves :) ... just gotta clean up the tactics and trust my fitness more in a couple of weeks. And if you're fit, it's worth coming up to BU for a race in 2 or 4 weeks. World class track (it does help) and great competition.