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12:00 PM

8 km


5:33 mi


165 lb
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Mission Accomplished, beat Coast Guard, 3rd as a team (89-95), 5th on the team, best finish for WPI men at NEWMACs ever.


1 mile ~5:30

2 mile ~11:05

3 mile ~16:30

didn't remember the 4, I think it was ~22:10?

The entire field started controlled, Springfield's 3 took the lead and gaped the field early, if they wanted to win, they kind of realized that they needed to go 1,2,3 (if they would have pulled that off, they would have beat MIT) I ran very consistently, it would have been nice to work with Andrew, Jeremy, Rob and Tobin early in the race, but I just didn't feel comfortable pushing for that early in the race, and I was in a good vantage point in 6th on the team, with Coast Guard's 2 and 3 mixed in with those 4. When Tobin started dying in the 3rd mile, I realized that I needed to get going. Around 3.5 miles, CG's 4 and 5 started making a move, and Dom and Pat caught up to me. Pat said he was gonna go get the CG guys, I started grooving into that pace, and then around 1200m to go (I was still feeling pretty good at this point), we went up a small rise followed by a short downhill, then the big uphill that ends ~800m from the finish. I thought the small rise was the big hill, and started gunning for the last 800 on the short downhill, then I realized that we were turning for the big hill... shit. Anyways, I had plenty to power up the hill, and put a good gap on CG and Pat and Dom, I kept driving towards the finish, tried to catch Rob who was falling off of Andrew and Jeremy, but in the final straight, one CG guy just flew right past me and I couldn't really respond in time, but it didn't matter too much in the end.