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7:10 AM

5.8 mi


6:50 mi


160 lb


75 F
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Yarra River


planned to run with Nate and Mrs. Billiar at 7, but they left right at 7, and I got downstairs at like 7:02, I bet Nate wasn't convinced that I was coming/scared to come along.

So I ran ~19 minutes out, and then came back, felt really tired on the way back because I didn't realize how quickly I was going, (mostly because I was running near bikers riding to work). It was also raining for the first time since we've arrived in Melbourne, which was actually really nice, because with the cloud cover it was pretty warm when I stepped outside.

Unfortunately, I think I rush my morning runs a bit too much especially since I don't feel like I have enough time in the morning. As my routine gets more established (i.e. preemptively making lunch) I should get a bit more relaxed, but longer runs will need to be weekends or afternoons, which should work out well since it should be getting a bit cooler (i.e. low 70s) during the afternoons over the next few weeks as my mileage gets higher.

Tough Mudder is in 2 and a half weeks so that's exciting, I'll probably form a training plan around that, I did get some good lifting and core in yesterday. Living with Nick is helping to keep that consistent.