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5:59 PM

10.7 mi


6:39 mi


167 lb


57 F
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Was originally going to be a 6 mile easy run, but then I felt alright and decided to run Sister's Funny. Then I got to the top of the hill feeling good, so I picked it up a little, turned out that was more than I expected, so I picked it up again, and this became a nice thickly sliced progression run. I was at ~7.5 when I got to P-Chops so I hung a left and went down to Park and Salisbury, not quite 5 miles fast but close enough, ran a Short Lake cd from there,

Then I got back and showered, and Hunter texts me "can you be at the apartment for 7:30 someone wants a couch" I head over, they don't show up so at 8 I get food, as I get my dinner, Hunter texts me saying they're at the apartment so I rush through dinner, and I go play Tetris with a couch.