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5:30 PM

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4:38 mi


167 lb
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2 weeks ago, Rod said something to the effect of, I liked that you competed well in your heat against the runners next to you, some day, with the work you're putting in, you'll just have the fitness and keep battling and you'll run a 4:37.

I knew I wanted to get to 800 in 2:18, from there I knew I would have a shot, the heat broke fairly cleanly, and I was near the back, but got to 800 on target, I heard Rod at the end of the first turn every lap, reminding me to keep battling, and I tried to keep my focus. I came through 1400 and saw 4:03-4, and knew it was going to be close, then I kicked down a 31.9, passed a bunch of people, and I was finally a 4:40 miler.

3.5s overall PR, and if you believe McMillan, this is now my best PR, while my training really hasn't been miler focused, (well at least I'm not in the miler group at practice). I know I'm in good shape right now, the workouts are good, this race came together, now it's time to start heading to the roads and running well out there.

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